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Why should you buy from an authorised Westfire retailer?

  1. Westfire authorised retailers have to comply to strict Westfire standards which requires the authorised retaile to have fully trained, professional sales and technical team. This ensures Westfire Stove Specialist maintains a high level of customer service and after-care to help consumers make an informed decision, complying to Westfire standards.
  2. Westfire authorised retailers are required by Westfire to display their products in a showroom available for the public to view.
  3. Westfire authorised retailers are required by Westfire to offer a full installation service to its showroom customers.
  4. Manufacturer’s warranty may be invalid when not purchased from an authorised retailer.
  5. Westfire authorised retailers hold stock, allowing express delivery to customers.
  6. As with all E-commerce websites if applicable, Westfire ensure that authorised retailers have the correct information readily available to the customer on their web site - company registration details, VAT number, company addresses, and land-line phone numbers.
  7. Never buy from an unauthorised retailer as you may not get the correct sales, technical information and customer service required when purchasing a Westfire stove. If in doubt please check with Westfire to avoid rogue traders, we are listed under our parent company Stores Direct.
  8. Buy with confidence from an authorised retailer. Buy from Stoves Direct, the Westfire Stove Specialist.